We are offering you a new method for obtaining invert syrup, which has been used in confectionery, food and pharmaceutical industry.

  • Invert syrup obtained by this method is completely healthy and ecologically safe;
  • It does not crystallize, can be kept for a long period in a liquid state and also it can be transported without any problems in any weather conditions;
  • It is colorless;
  • The degree of inversion of 0-100% can be planned, depending on the buyers and consumers’ needs (contrary to the acid one where you cannot limit or plan);
  • In such an inverted and final product there is no salt or furfural, which has a harmful impact on health (blood pressure);
  • It has lower caloric intensity value, and it is suitable for the baby food production;
  • There are no problems about the purchase of raw material, storage and destroying the packaging as with acid (hydrochloric acids);
  • Less use of electric power, because the production process is run at 55 ºC;
  • Less hire of workforce, because it can easily be automated;
  • Economical effect and sugar savings is 40%;
  • Last but not the least, it is very essential that EU countries have started to ban the use of inverted acids. Soon there will be total ban, so these products with inverted acids cannot be exported into the EU countries. Since all confectionery is oriented for export it is in everybody’s interest to prepare themselves for a such market.
  • Everything set forth above, I consider to be sufficient in order to draw your attention and cooperation to this project.
This method and the obtained invert in such a way can be a replacement for almost all kinds of sugar in confectionery, food and pharmaceutical industry.