Mobiversal is an independent consultancy. Our consultants had built high capacity networks for the busiest cities as Dubai, Paris and Johannesburg in record time. Our consultants will change the Mobility consultancy game: we have the know how to deliver the best 4G/3G performance networks and the best user experience in the most challenging environments and timescales. You need a reliable partner, who will drive you ahead of the competition, think Mobiversal! Our teams are staffed with highly skilled consultants, with over 10 years experience in their respective fields. Each of them has a record track of successful projects documented with reference letters from the leading players in the IT and Telecom Industries.

3G, 4G, Long Term Evolution, Cloud Computing, Network Functions Virtualization, Software Defined Networking, internet of Things, augmented reality, AtelierTelecom is in the heart of Big Data to manage radical market changes engendered by breakthrough technologies and services. AtelierTelecom is an independent company. Our consultants can work worldwide in the most challenging environments and timescales. AtelierTelecom knows how to do. AtelierTelecom experts for your needs.